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New season. New year.

“I will learn to love the skies I’m under.”

~ Mumford & Sons

It’s fall. New seasons are my New Year. My birthday has come and gone. The rainforest called Vancouver is living up to its name with cold wet weather. Our extra long summer is over. The heat is on and it’s time to cozy up and dream out loud.

I dream of standing side by side with my yaya’s in the kitchen chopping vegetables for soup while we talk about nothing and everything.
I dream of that homemade soup simmering in a cauldron over a fire.
I dream of adopting a hundred cats who will drink cream from vintage china saucers.
I dream of fuzzy slippers made with love in many different colours.
I dream of midnight sex and sleeping in with That Guy and having him look at me like I am magic when I awake.
I dream of the perfect coffee mug.
I dream of a perfect balcony space where I can sip my coffee in my perfect mug, listen to music and watch the world wake up.
I dream of more and more twinkle lights to banish the clouds.
I dream of hot chocolate with whipped cream that soothes the cold in my bones.
I dream of getting married wearing vintage surrounded by friends who are family and my mom while she is still here.
I dream of chilis and stews and plates of spaghetti that will live on my hips but will still allow my jeans to fit.
I dream of browsing thrift stores looking for that very special something.
I dream of flowy vintage kimonos and bare feet and year long tans in a space looking over the ocean.
I dream of an endless supply of bubble bath, red wine and of stereo speakers piped right into the bathtub with a constant loop of Sade, Van Morrison and 1920’s jazz singers.
I dream of antique apothecary cabinets and vintage jars.
I dream of living in Paris in a studio like a character in a Judith Krantz novel where I will be the toast of the town and wear couture designed for me as their muse.
I dream of a dressing room with a no men allowed policy that contains a velvet chaise and custom closet especially created for my vintage lingerie collection.
I dream of new knee high black boots that will make me feel like a Viking warrior.
I dream of being like Julia Ormond in Chocolat where I create magic and feed gypsies and never apologize for how I am.
I dream of magic and elixirs and crystal alchemy and a brick and mortar space and amazing design collections and luminous clients and a developing fictional character who has a cat named Frampton and all of this is pushing creative edges and is in the works.
I dream of writing more, living out loud, saying no and allowing for tenderness because we need more of that.
I dream of having it all with integrity, sweet glorious freedom, magic making, a soft wildness, laughter and love.

What do you dream of?

Stay Gold Wild Ones.
Thanks for hanging out with me.



  1. This is so beautiful and lush, Renee!

    I dream of a thriving at business, creating pieces that speak to the soul.

    I dream of speaking about being a woman who has find her voice… unearthed it from layers of too many yeses and trying to be good.

    I dream of comfy, stylish clothes and going on sweet trips with my guys.

    I dream of lavish gifts for my family who has carried me when I needed them.

    I dream of leaving generous tips.

    I dream of a fit and healthy body and maybe teaching yoga to to kiss of ago ages.

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