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I’m not single, I am a rock star

“I’m not single, I am a rock star.”
(welcome to my boudoir)

Finding myself single at 47 was a shock. There are a lot of ways I could have gone with this new status, my history being one of bitter and hard, but that is not a good look on me.

I have worn that look before and it’s hard to makeover. I choose wild and soft instead. And laughter. Always laughter. I lean towards cynical and sarcastic anyway so why not make the most of it?!

Thank sweet baby jesus for Misty. My rock n roll spirit guide who is 2500 miles away but is part of my (extensive) soul crew.

We are both single. And crushing hard. Seeking hot summer flings and slow fall romances. Lusting over biceps, beards and motorbikes. (ok, maybe that is just me) We are suckers for good looks, witty comebacks and sweet, sweet nothings. Words whispered by text and email is making us weak in the knees.

We ARE single. But we are so much more. Undefined by our relationship status we started to joke around with it. Hashtag #imnotsingle. Cue gut wrenching belly laughs, and raw and real desire and dreams.

I’m not single, I am bathed in fabulous light.

I’m not single I am making up band names with Eric.

I’m not single, I am going blond.

I’m not single, I am taking sniper training.

I’m not single, I am hanging by the pool.

I’m not single, I am getting a motorcycle.

I’m not single, I’m just not in a relationship. *drops mic*

Weeks later it is STILL going strong.

I’m not single came out of the madness of ’til death, into, what the fuck? We can’t stop and won’t stop.

Because laughter trumps everything.
Because we are hilarious and bad ass.
Because our future awaits undefined by anything but what we choose.
Because it’s life by OUR rules and we decide.

We are living alone for the first time in a long time with our wonky pets and ease filled apartments. Laughing out loud and dancing in our boudoirs to the rock and roll soundtrack of our lives.

Misty wrote about our new mantra a few weeks ago in her divine, delicious way. It connected. Deeply. The most amazing part of this madness is the people who are joining us. Married friends, dudes, and our fellow single sisters in wildness and laughter.

All of them undefining themselves by ANY relationship status. Instead, showing the grit and grace, vulnerability and humour, and zero fucks mindset for whatever status they currently have. It is fucking magic, and hilarious, to witness.

Say it with me:

“We’re not single, we are rock stars.”

Fuck. Yes.

Stay gold Wild Ones.
Thanks for hanging out with me.



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