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ReneeMagnussonThe only child of Stevie Nicks + Han Solo, I am gutsy, unconventional and fumbling towards ecstasy.
Pink skies + full moons are my religion.

Grit + Grace.
Sinner + Saint.
Vintage ways + wild musings.

I work with women who want to live wild.

Coach. Stylist. Writer.

I love room service, tattoos, men with beards, velvet + holy rebellion. When I am not re-wilding you can find me channeling my muses, selling bombshell vintage, chilling with my bad ass cat Leonard + laughing with my girl gang.


I am from the grace of my mother and the hilarity of my father. I am from viking DNA and women who knew how to take up space. I am from my Belgian grandmother who always spoke her mind in a time when that was not acceptable. I am from broken hearts and grief and missing that has seeped into my bone marrow. I am from lineage and experience that gives me the courage to make up my own rules about my life. I believe in loving your past for what it gave you and in honouring the ancestry that forms you.

I am from the magic of talismans and the inspiration of my muses. Rock stars, old blues singers, Hollywood bombshells, the power of vintage lingerie and a long list of bad ass and bold women who came before me. Long hair, four coats of mascara and just the right amount of cleavage wrapped in fringe, velvet, leather and silk never fails to remind me of who I am. I believe that your style is an act of rebellion that tells your story, helps your control your narrative, invites connection and is power and armour in a world that is unkind to women.

I am from a longing that came from always wanting a sister. I am from friendships that hold the best and worst parts of me, who fight with me and for me, and who never let me fall too deep. I believe you are not meant to do this alone and you need the power of a girl gang to witness, laugh and cheerlead. The good, bad, ugly of life, love and self discovery taste far sweeter when shared in the magic of community.

I am from gold visions, sublime contentment AND a deep desire for more. I am from creativity that never stops and and all the things I want to do next. I am from dreams and my faith in them. I believe in giving yourself permission to want because when you know what you want, you can allow for it.  I believe that knowing what you want and claiming it out loud is the most powerful thing you can do as a woman.

I am from secret messages found in pop culture, well written characters and song lyrics. I am from wanderlust, great sex, my East Van hood, black cats and hand holding otters. I believe life, and love, is in the details and declaring, coveting and owning what is uniquely you is where your wild lives.

I am from love, laughter and wildness. I believe you are too.



~ Diploma in life coaching and holistic counselling from Rhodes Wellness College.
~ Taught life skills and counselled people with multiple barriers to employment in Vancouver’s DTES for the government of BC.
~ Crisis Intervention Training with BWSS.
~ Owner of Wild Muse Vintage on Etsy. Specializing in vintage lingerie.
~ 30 years of studying fashion, vintage, trends and style.
~ Background in corporate consumer relations where I learned about building community by listening to people and what they want, personal branding and alternative marketing.


Have questions? Talk to me about anything and everything! Let’s love, laugh and live wild.



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