"Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose." 

Dolly Parton

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If you have spent 5 minutes in my universe you know how much I love style!  So I am beyond excited to help you find, and own, yours.

image from Pinterest

image from Pinterest

But first a back story:

My mom and my Aunt Renee both had fabulous style and one of my favourite things to do as a little girl was play dress up with their clothes and make up stories about the person I want to be.

The feelings I got from those stories extended into my teens when I started my own collection and began wearing vintage as part of my style.

Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, sums up today’s style rules beautifully;

“One should look forward rather than backwards. But the way we look at fashion today has shifted dramatically. There was a sense people were embarrassed by fashion but it’s so universal now it has been embraced by everybody. Fashion will tell you everything that is going on in the world. The influence of street style and vintage has greatly influenced fashion lately. It’s quite fascinating to witness.”

Fuck. Yes.

I am in love with this view on fashion. Because it means anything goes and allows each person to define their own style. Style is really about attitude.

Everything is about attitude.

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My style has roots to my lineage (viking dna) and my magic.

I personally like to look really sexy, kinda witchy, and vaguely threatening.

If they made a movie of the week and cast the woman who may have murdered her husband and is about to be interviewed, they could dress her from my closet. Not even kidding. And I LOVE that about myself.

Style is an integral part of your magic too. Having your style game on point changes EVERYTHING.

Style is about reflecting who you are on the inside, back out to the world.

When you hide that, for whatever reason, you are hiding a part of you.

A part of you that the world needs to see.

A part of you that can amp your power and express your personality.

A part of you that refuses to conform to a concept that was designed without you in mind.

Life is about loving what you love and changing it up and making it work.

It is about mixing things you wear every day with vintage and couture.

Wearing inexpensive with expensive, and vintage with modern.

It’s called “street style fashion” which is style without limits.

Style is about not only looking at what you are wearing.

It’s about looking at who you are, and who you want to be.

Which is why I created these sessions. To help you become who you want to be.

I want you to find your wild muses and channel them as you make your way in this world.





If you are feeling tender about your body, I will hold your heart gently and help you untangle that.

If you’re feeling tender about being seen, I will hold your heart gently and help you untangle that.

If you are feeling tender about what the world WANTS you to wear because you know it’s not for you, and the noise you hear contains words like “age”, and “appropriate”, I will hold your heart gently because you deserve to show up in this world in all your you-ness.

Image FROM PINTEREST - Jewelry by kendra scott

Image FROM PINTEREST - Jewelry by kendra scott

I want you to live your life feeling the best you possibly can and rocking the style that says “this is me”.

I want you to feel like you in your website photos, at speaking engagements, and when you are at work.

I want you to feel like you when you are dirty dancing, telling the truth, and taking over the world.

I want you to feel like you when you are at home alone, with your family, or on vacation.

I want you to feel like you when you are casting spells, making margaritas, and falling in love.

I want you to know that no matter where you go, or what you do, you got it covered because your STYLE will hold you up and remind you of who you are. I want you to be your own Wild Muse.*cue entrance music*

Wild Muses don’t choose the either/or.

They frolic in the and/and of living and are chameleon souls.

As a Wild Muse you can require practicality from your life or absolute excess.

Style is entirely up to you.

What do you love?

What inspires you?

How do you want to show up in the world?

Channel your wild muse and become that person.

What you adorn yourself in can be talismans that evoke and invite the feelings you want to feel every day.

Clothes have a back story and in wearing them you get to write, and rewrite, your own story.

There is power in adornment.

There is fire in adornment.

There is magic in adornment.

Real, raw, fierce, I can do anything power. Believe it.

Let your style help you tell the world who you are. Even if you are the only one seeing it.

Adorn. Figure out WHO you are and then do it on purpose. xx



How it works:

We will get together on a video call and talk about what frustrates you with style.

We will talk about what inspires you with style.

We will talk about the internal dialogue, and the noise that is rattling around in your head, and your closet, when it comes to getting dressed.

We will talk about where to find pieces that feel like you, so when you shop you only buy what you LOVE.

We will talk about how to dress your body so you shine.

We will debunk all the so called “rules” of style and get to the core of YOUR style.

Clothes are your sacred channel for connecting with your own story, your own truth, and your own power.

Live wild. Stay gold.

"I scheduled an Adorn Session with Renee because while I felt comfortable and at ease in my daily work and living style, I had questions and anxiety around what to wear in certain professional settings and when public speaking. I had, unknowingly, bought into a whole luggage set worth of ideas and beliefs about what I “should” look like. I had split myself, created a dichotomy, and it served only to make me feel insecure and uncomfortable in both worlds. And, this changed after working with Renee. I thought I might get some tips and ideas and leave with a sense of what to wear to my next public speaking gig, and instead what I came away with was an understanding of some of my deepest stories of who I am and what I am allowed and where my power resides. What changed is I get to have all of me, wherever I go now.

I learned where I first began believing other people’s ideas and what it might mean to be me without apology. It cracked me open and spilled me out into a land where I get to wear what actually makes me come alive, and know it as not just clothes but art embodied. And that is just wicked cool to me.  I have gone back to listen to the session a few times, and each time I find another glittering truth. It has changed my experience of myself in the professional realms and my experience lounging in my apartment, and all of it is mine, belonging to me. 

I cannot recommend an Adorn Session highly enough. 
You won’t just understand insight into your style and why it might matters; you will be opened to this opportunity to fall in love with yourself and your own story and all the ways of showing up embodied and human in this rich and sublime world."

Isabel Abbott