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Caftans & Gin – Faster Pussycat Tour: Bringing Sexy Back

Caftans & Gin – Faster Pussycat Tour: Bringing Sexy Back

I believe that sexy is a feeling, and I believe summer is the perfect time to bring sexy back.

Summer is all about the heat and this tour is all about getting hot.
And sultry.
And naughty.
And dirty.
And gritty.
And maybe even a little filthy.

It’s about bringing sexy back. Without shame.

This summer it is the 50th anniversary of the summer of love!
Are you ready to get turned on and tuned in?

To who you are?
In your body?
In your wildness?
In your sexy?

What would that feel like if you knew?

Think about it.

Wearing what you want because your style is an act of rebellion.
Being in love with your body because it’s YOUR body and it is worthy of love.
Getting naked with a girl gang of the best babes.
Channeling your muses and meeting your alter egos.
Knowing what you want and how you want it to show up.
Leaving room in a list of to-do’s for spontaneity.

Naked skin and skinny dipping under the stars.
Hot child in the city styles.

The Faster Pussycat Tour is an online course in radical restoration to bring your sexy back.

This is what I want for you on the Faster Pussycat Tour:

I want you to talk to yourself like you talk to someone you love.
I want you to know how delicious you are.
I want you to know you are more than your weight, age or income.
I want you to gather in your too-muchness and connect with each other.
I want you to make your own rules about sexy.
I want you to unleash your inner bombshell.
I want you to claim your lust.
I want you to stop wasting time on toxic relationships.
I want you to take your power back from all the disrespectful and dismissive behaviour you experience daily.
I want you to be more than your relationship status.
I want you to love your past for what it gave you.

I want you to bring your sexy back.

The Faster Pussycat Tour is for women who are ready to rise up and claim their sexy, wild selves, their wants, their lusts and their needs, OUT LOUD.

Calling every girl that ever wanted to join a gang.

Turn on.
Tune in.
Live wild.

Go back to the beginning of you – before someone told you that you were too much  – with me guiding you, and a wild and feral girl gang at your back.

Be one of the kittens on the Faster Pussycat Tour.

Bring your sexy back.

It is going to look like this:

1. Let’s get visual: Using all your senses to visualize sexy.
2. Clam jams & cock blocks: What is jamming your frequency to sexy.
3. Carnal knowledge: Sexy time to really get the juices flowing.
4. Where are you from: Lineage and experience that led you here.
5. I’m not single: Dating yourself. No more waiting.
6. Mojo rising: When and where you need to double down.
7. Take me to church: Getting naked and falling in love with your body.
8. Channel your muse: Inspiration to bring the sexy back and keep it alive.
9. Shimmy shimmy shake: Honouring your body and it’s needs.
10. Baby I like your style: Style as rebellion and sexy and a way of telling your story.
11. Surround sound sexy: Sexy as a feeling in all areas of your life.
12 Come back with a warrant: How to handle the pushback of being all of you and staying true to who you are.
13. Hello my name is: Meeting your altar ego
14. I want you to: Owning your covet and your wants and your sexy for all time.

Why Caftans & Gin – Faster Pussycat Tour: Bringing Sexy Back?

I believe that women can have wild hearts AND tender souls.
I believe in self love rather than self loathing.
I believe in worshiping at the altar of you, rather than what society and media tells you to be.
I believe in the power of a girl gang because self love is not meant to be solitary and there is magic in community.
I believe we are worthy of what we want and we need to allow it in.
I believe your style is an act of rebellion.
I believe in combining sinner and saint.
I believe wildness is an art.
I believe there is no such thing as too much.
I believe in the magic of muses.
I believe all adventurous women are sexy.

Pretty fucking cool, right?

Lock ‘n load, kittens.
It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll.

July 23 – August 27, 2016

How much?
$100.00 USD

Virtual, wherever you are. live from my boudoir to yours.
Emails right to your inbox and a Facebook group to play in.
FB live chats and girl gang support.

How long?
3 prompts a week for a month.

Reinvention Tour and Cocktail Hour
“Renee is amazing. That simple. She shows up in honesty and love and is accepting of every single person who dares to live big in her circles. Her words are fresh, simple, moving and make you look at yourself from a different perspective. Renee makes me want to check my email and turn on my computer everyday. I love that when her groups end the places she’s created online don’t – the people she gathers continue to love and support one another!”

“The tour helped me to come back to myself after a exhausting few months. Being with all the girl gang was a soft place to land, for sure. Filled with bouts of deep emotion and hilarity.”

“Renee creates a ritualistic space that allows you to feel safe and loved while opening up those little dark bits we meet want to expose to the light, let alone a group of people. But the unfolding of love that was created was incredible, and gorgeous. Come Back Tour? Hells Yes. Work with her. You’ll walk away feeling more wild, more gorgeous and more solid than ever. Rock and roll, babies.”

“Renee understands heartbreak, loss, love, and the curveballs that life can throw. She navigates them, not with a strict seriousness or a checklist of outgrown self-care rituals, but with hilarity and grace. She is real and honest, she never takes herself too seriously, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She reminds me, everyday, to love a little harder, to release my grip a little more, and to do it in amazing style.”

“I really don’t know how you could top this. Seriously.”

“Something about balance … And heat and light and sensuality and speaking up for what I want and sitting down what I don’t. It’s like skinny dipping and smoking your first cigarette and your first kiss all together.”

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