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Caftans & Gin – The Reinvention Tour


Caftans & Gin: The Reinvention Tour

“Sleep late, have fun, get wild, drink whiskey and drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested.”

~ Hunter S. Thompson

You are not alone. We are not meant to heal, evolve, grieve, change or love alone.

Abandon everything you know about “self development, self care and self love” and rise up.

Screw balance.

With a few unexpected tweaks to living, the power of reinvention and a girl gang at your back, self love will BE your life, NOT an item on your to do list.

Be ridiculous, love big and laugh more.

Live. Out. Loud.

Calling all muses, sirens, vixens, bombshells, bad asses and every girl that ever wanted to join a gang.

Why Caftans & Gin – The Reinvention Tour?

Oh lover. Get comfortable, pour a cold one, lean back and take a sip…

Because:  girl gangs are fucking awesome.
Because:  “self care” bores you and reinvention does not.
Because:  you were born to be wild.
Because:  indulging ALL your senses gets you hot.
Because:  a little laughter goes a long way.
Because:  you crave that feeling like you could have danced all night…in a cage…wearing fringe.
Because:  you are ready for some gutsy, sexy and convention busting bombshell moves.
Because:  if there is a line you will cross it.
Because:  you are tired of smoke and mirrors.
Because:  your style reflects who you are and is easier to “get” than you think.
Because:  you don’t have to ride waves in order to make them.
Because:  your future is one of infinite bad-assery.
Because:  you are right here, right now and it’s fucking divine.
Because:  in the end it all comes down to grit and grace.

Pretty fucking cool, right? Feel it.
As easy as a Sunday morning.
Let it surround you like an old soul record.

Sublime contentment in what you have and a bold desire for more.
Finding the humour in the way things are and letting them go.
No grasping. Just being. Wild and free.
It’s gonna be an amazing look on you.

The and/and of living baby!
When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.


February 29 to March 20.  *** Registration is closed for this session. Sign up for my love letters if you want to know more. ***

How much?

$49.00 CDN


Virtual, wherever you are. Leonard and I live from my boudoir to yours.
Emails right to your inbox and a Facebook group to play in.

How long?

21 days.


It’s time to get your groove back, to laugh while you are doing it and to do it in community. This is a place where you can be strong and smart and beautiful and wild without having to worry what anyone is thinking. Drive fast. Get naked. Live wild. xoxo

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