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I am Renee Magnusson and I am so stoked you are here.

I help women activate their permission to want, and to make their own rules. Because when women know what they want, they go out and get it. And they do it in a way that works for them.

I can help you figure what you want and help you build the foundation to support it. Because life, and love, are in the details.

I am a holistic life coach and style consultant and my medium is fun. I am balls to the wall, fluent in the art of bad assery, fun and funny and have the book and street smarts to back it all up. I am gutsy, unconventional and fumbling towards ecstasy.

I am for girls who join gangs.

Wicked, wild, hilarious and sexy girl gangs of the most supportive chicks on the planet. Bombshell babes with wild hearts and tender souls. We have chapters all over the world and the girl gang is ready to live, and love, out loud with you.

We talk about sex, love, and rock n roll.
We talk about our cats, our men, our women, and our lives.
We talk about dreams, and what we want, and what turns us on, and off.
And we do it in community.

Bad ass and bold and full of fucking magic.

Because I firmly believe we are not meant to this alone. One of the problems with the concept of “self-help, self-development, or self-love” is that we are expected do this work on our own. If we fail at it, it is seen as a personal failure, and that is such bullshit.

We NEED each other in a world that can be so unkind to women.

All women are welcome in the girl gang.
There is no “you can’t sit with us” mentality.
We don’t care about your numbers (weight, age or income). We don’t care about your skin colour. We don’t care about your sexual orientation. Identify as you want. You are welcome here.

* Note: You are NOT welcome if you display sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or any other discriminatory behaviour. The girl gang will never be down with that so if you are any of those then we will not jive. You are free to go your own way.

I only care that you are willing to give up the should’s and supposed to’s that were forced on you by a society that exists to keep you down, and that you are willing to want.

To covet. To desire. To dream.
In love, laughter, wildness and the magic of community.

Live how you want to live.
Dress how you want to dress.
Love how you want to love.

Permission for what you want is a beautiful thing.

Here is how you can get to know me AND work with me:

Book an Adorn call to help you find the pieces that anchor you and give you to the power to live at your edge and go after what you want.

Sign up for Caftans & Gin, my online radical restoration tours.

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Live wild.

Stay gold kittens.
Thanks for hanging out with me.



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