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Seven sins tour.
Where being bad starts to feel oh so good.

The seven sins are:
Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed and sloth.

When those are applied to comments about women it looks like:
Full of yourself, jealous, pig, slut, crazy, selfish and lazy.

UGH. Fuck that.

I am sooooo tired of the language women face every day, and I am tired of what society expects us to be.

I am tired of the constant battle of hearing “too much” but “not enough” as a way of keeping us down. It is exhausting.
It prevents us from loving what, who and how we want.
It prevents us from showing up fully as ourselves.
It prevents us from going after what we want from our lives.

We live in a culture of depravity, shame and judgement and I am determined to change that.

Let’s face it.

We are all fumbling towards ecstasy.

Trying to figure out what we want, doing it all plus more, multitasking like a champ.

Where is the space for indulgence and sexy and being real?

I want to create that space.
I want to shift our relationship to sin.
I want to reclaim these words.

Without evil. Without shame. Without judgment.

Because there is no actual sin in any of these.

Divine reclamation looks like this:

Pride: This is your inner badass.

Pride is all about owning what you are proud of and not being afraid to say it out loud. Without having to preface your accomplishments with a makeover story or tales of all the bad shit that happened to make you worthy of the good. Pride is about appreciating the good stuff.

Envy: This is your covet.

Envy is all about seeing what is out there and saying “I want THAT.” It is about dreaming out loud and wanderlust and wishes. Envy is about asking yourself how you want to live your life and what you want in it.

Gluttony: This is your indulgence.

Gluttony is all about indulging yourself. Gorging on whatever feeds you the most and enjoying it without guilt, and without the internal dialogue of “too much”. Gluttony is about getting back to basics of what works best for you and un-programming all the rest.

Lust: This is your passion.

Lust is all about what gets you hot and how you tap into it. Who you desire, what you desire and how you desire it. In bed, in life, in everything. Lust is about finding what lights you up and where it lives in you.

Wrath: This is your inner fire.

Wrath is about what stokes the flames around what you value. How you devote yourself to it and how you protect and nurture it. Mama bear styles. When to jump in and when to walk away. Wrath is about knowing what is worth your energy.

Greed: This is your take.

Greed is all about taking. A moment. A breather. A second. A selfie. It is about taking the last slice and taking a nap and taking time to hit the gym. Greed is about honouring yourself and your process so you have the energy you need for your life.

Sloth: This is your own time.

Sloth is all about saying no, or saying yes. It is about slowing down and single-tasking and really enjoying each moment. Sloth is about relaxing, rebooting and having fun.

Bottom line:
Sin is really sexy in a “take me as I am or not at all” way.
You are allowed to make your own rules and define your own moral code.
Because this is your life and you decide.

These sins are not a struggle between good and evil.
They are not fatal to your spiritual progress.
They are not deadly.
They are critical to your self-care.

This kind of sin is hot and holy and sexy AF.

The Seven Sins Tour is where you define each sin for you, reclaim it, and then use that to fuel your life.

Note: This tour has nothing to do with religion. I do not follow any particular faith so these are defined for me as I see them. There will be no judgment towards your faith or understanding of these sins in that context.

I pray to pink skies and full moons and the perfect whiskey sour. I am also a holistic life coach with a focus on self care and self-love. I believe in the power of community and that the girl gang will always have your back. I believe in giving yourself permission to want because when you know what you want, you can allow for it. When you allow things to change, they change. I believe that a girl gang who supports and encourages each other can create magic.

Spring is FINALLY here. Come on tour with me!
Seven sins. Seven weeks.
Divine reclamation.
Hot AND holy.

When: October 15 to December 2, 2017
Where: Facebook. Emails will arrive in your inbox weekly but the magic happens on Facebook. There will be a secret group with mini prompts and gorgeous conversations and I am there all the time. Listening and witnessing, along with the girl gang, your divine reclamation of sin.
Price: $150.00 USD  Because this is the amount that bolsters me for seven weeks of deep work. xx <—-USE THIS LINK IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE. The pretty button will ask you to log into your paypal. xo

Consider the PayPal receipt your confirmation. Before we start you will receive an email inviting you the Facebook group and guidelines about how the girl gang rolls while on tour.

Reclaim sin with a feeling of magic and surprise.
Expect the unexpected.
Be bad with the girl gang.

Live wild.
Stay gold.

Thanks for being here. xo

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