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Caftans & Gin – Cocktail Hour: The Indulge Sessions

Caftans & Gin: Cocktail Hour – The Indulge Sessions

“I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it.”
~ Dave Grohl  


Self care. Self love. Self worth. Self improvement.
All of the “buzzwords” in wellness.

These don’t resonate for me and here is why:

I don’t always love myself.
I don’t always care well for myself.
I don’t always want to talk about my worthiness.
I don’t always want to be in development.

But I am always, ALWAYS, fiercely LOYAL to myself.

Self loyalty is about being true to you.

To what you love.
To what you want.
To what brings you home.
To what reminds you of you.
To who you are when the world keeps telling you to be someone different.

Self loyalty is about being true to you.

When things are sublime.
When you are in the fire and the flames are hot and the dragons are still circling.
When you are deep in the missing and the regret and the grief.
When you are at the beginning.
When you are in the ending.

In all of it.

We are always in flux. There is not always self love or time for self care or self worth or the motivation for self improvement but I am seeing more and more proof that there is always self loyalty.

If I had not set up my life to reflect my self loyalty, in times of flight and fight, in times of flux and serenity, I would be 6 feet under or in a padded room.

Everything I surround myself with lifts me up and reminds me of my power, my magic, and my lust for life.

That is my FOUNDATION.


How would it feel if you were able to create a foundation that was based on self loyalty?

A foundation that did not depend on whether you loved yourself?
A foundation that did not depend on whether you had time for self care?
A foundation that was always reflective of who you are deep in your bones?

Do you know what you love?
Do you know what brings you back to yourself?
Do you know ways to connect to the magic around you?

Here is a hint: It all starts with indulgence.

The Indulge Sessions is one week of wicked indulgence in honouring your senses, prayer, movement, ritual, and imagination.

Indulging all of your senses in a way that is personal to you.
Indulging in prayer so that faith you have in what you want is always surrounding you.
Indulging in ritual that is not something you have to do as self care but fits seamlessly into your life.
Indulging in your imagination because we forget that as adults we are still allowed to dream big and covet madly.

This is necessary, foundational, easy stuff to make your world a safe and brave space to shine, to reset, to dream, and go forth so you can push your edges or soften your edges, and really go after what you want.

The Indulge Sessions is not a blueprint that states you need to do this this and this to care for yourself.

It is a series of gorgeous prompts to start you thinking about how you can create a foundation, based on what you love, that will support you at all times.

A foundation of self loyalty.

My foundation of indulgence will look different than yours because we are different people and we are enchanted and bewitched by different things. That is one of the best parts about doing this in community. Being inspired by what lights other people up!


It’s going to look like this:

Setting the stage – Creating an environment that engages everything you love to see, hear, touch, taste and smell.
Making a set list – Ritual, movement, prayer and orgasm. The stuff that brings you to your knees.
Meeting the band – The people, pets, and muses that support and inspire you.
Creating your rider – Combining everything you love, desire, want, crave and covet and then stating it out loud.

I have always wanted to be a rockstar so I designed Caftans & Gin tours to fill that need for me. Virtually, not literally. See what I mean about imagination?!

Cocktail Hour is the acoustic version of a big Caftans & Gin rock tour: playing to smaller venues and intimate lounges with a happy hour price of $50.00.

Come to Cocktail Hour.


Cocktail hour is starting.

Why The Indulge Sessions are important and necessary: 

Because: you always wanted to be a rock star and take centre stage. I know I did.
Because: you may not always love yourself, or have time to care for yourself, but you are always loyal to yourself.
Because: like me, you are always fumbling towards ecstasy.
Because: you want your environment to work for you, magically, behind the scenes of everything else you have to do.
Because: girl gangs are fucking awesome.
Because: wanting what you want is so delicious and sexy.
Because: indulging ALL your senses all the time feels amazing.
Because: there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure.
Because: imagination is awesome.
Because: you crave that feeling like you could have danced all night…dirty dancing styles.
Because: you are ready for some gutsy, sexy and convention-busting moves.
Because: your surroundings have talismanic powers and magic and living in that juju is amazing.
Because: you want to define what prayer and going to chapel means for YOU.
Because: your future is one of infinite possibility.
Because: you are right here, right now and it’s fucking divine.
Because: you are ready to be wildly enchanted.

Pretty cool, right?

Feel it.

What do you need to be surrounded by to show up fully?
Who is in your band?
What is on your rider?
What do you love?

The Indulge Sessions will set the stage from the tour bus, to the green room, to the band so you can really fucking shine.

“No guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it.”

Come inside.


Cocktail hour is starting.

February 16 – February 23.

How much?
$50.00 USD  – if you are Canadian, fuck the horrible exchange rate, pay here and add your email address in the comments.

Virtual, wherever you are.  Live from my boudoir to yours.
Emails right to your inbox and a secret lounge on Facebook to connect in.

How long?
7 days.

Summing it up!

Indulgence is so sexy.

Go back to the beginning – to the foundation of all that you love – with the girl gang at your back, me guiding you, and Leonard driving the bus while hissing at paparazzi.

Believe me, when you love what you love out loud, when you surround yourself with it, when it is as much a part of you as breathing, the paparazzi will line up to see what the fuck you are doing.

Not to worry. Len is a street cat. He’s got this. You are safe.

Reviews from the Reinvention Tour
“Renee is amazing. That simple. She shows up in honesty and love and is accepting of every single person who dares to live big in her circles. Her words are fresh, simple, moving and make you look at yourself from a different perspective. Renee makes me want to check my email and turn on my computer everyday. I love that when her groups end the places she’s created online don’t – the people she gathers continue to love and support one another!””The tour helped me to come back to myself after a exhausting few months. Being with all the girl gang was a soft place to land, for sure. Filled with bouts of deep emotion and hilarity.”

“Renee creates a ritualistic space that allows you to feel safe and loved while opening up those little dark bits we meet want to expose to the light, let alone a group of people. But the unfolding of love that was created was incredible, and gorgeous. Come Back Tour? Hells Yes. Work with her. You’ll walk away feeling more wild, more gorgeous and more solid than ever. Rock and roll, babies.”

“Renee understands heartbreak, loss, love, and the curveballs that life can throw. She navigates them, not with a strict seriousness or a checklist of outgrown self-care rituals, but with hilarity and grace. She is real and honest, she never takes herself too seriously, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She reminds me, everyday, to love a little harder, to release my grip a little more, and to do it in amazing style.”

“I really don’t know how you could top this. Seriously.”

“Something about balance … And heat and light and sensuality and speaking up for what I want and sitting down what I don’t. It’s like skinny dipping and smoking your first cigarette and your first kiss all together.”

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